Meet me – Lana! Anyone who knows me well; knows how much I love a gift – of any size!

I feel honoured that a person would take the time to pick something out especially for me, just like in reverse I absolutely love picking out gifts for my friends. One of my most successful party tricks is to prank people by re-gifting things – it creates so much laughter. NONE of these are used in our gift boxes.

This website and gifting concept were born out of frustration to find gifts which incorporate gorgeous locally made products in one package.

“The Gift House” seemed perfect, as I chose to theme each box with a link to some part of a home, which we all have. As we build on our home themes, we will definitely keep you intrigued. We hope to help small businesses by including their products into our boxes and making them a little more famous.

Have fun shopping…. I definitely do.